Although Invisalign® is not new to Cooper Moss Advanced Dentistry, recent advancements have been made in the process that allows us to utilize Invisalign for even more patients than in the past.

Invisalign® is a proprietary orthodontic technique pioneered by Align Technologies. Patients (now, both teens and adults) who are candidates for treatment with Invisalign can receive comfortable, efficient, and effective orthodontic treatment that is virtually undetectable to others.

The process is essentially a series of precise-fitting, clear aligners (no wires or brackets) worn in sequence by the patient while under the supervision of our dentists and staff. Each aligner is responsible for certain tooth movements that take the patient from their starting condition to the final corrected alignment of their teeth.

Cooper Moss Advanced Dentistry was among the first general dental practices in the area to be certified by Align Technologies. Drs. Cooper has been providing successful Invisalign® care to patients since 2004 and remains among the top providers in Thurston County. Don’t hesitate to ask us if Invisalign can help you meet your goals for straighter and more functional and attractive teeth.

Dr. Tebay has also become certified in Invisalign and is also providing orthodontic care to our patients.