Digital Impressions

Digital Impressions


One of the dental procedures that patients most commonly tell us they dislike is the taking of impressions. Traditional impressions require the placement of a tray filled with a soft putty-like material in the patient’s mouth, which then takes five minutes to set.

Cooper Moss Advanced Dentistry’s digital technology is a recently developed alternative to this traditional method of taking impression for crowns, veneers and bridges. A digital impression is taken when the dentist or assistant scans the desired teeth with a hand-held scanner instead of placing a tray in the patient’s mouth. The information is recorded in a software program, checked for accuracy by the dentist, and then sent electronically to one of our licensed laboratories for construction of your restoration.

This process makes your experience more pleasant and comfortable, the construction of the laboratory work more accurate and efficient, and the resulting restoration more predictable and long lasting. These are significant benefits for you and the dental team.

At Cooper Moss Advanced Dentistry, we use two different digital impression systems in order to deliver the best possible outcomes to our patients. The Sirona-Connect Scanner and iTero Scanner systems link us with our local laboratories and two major manufacturing networks for the finest in modern crown and bridge restorations.

Here's how it works

First, any dental decay must be removed, and the remaining tooth must be shaped so that a crown or filling can be fitted correctly. This will allow the tooth to be restored to its original form, look, and function. Next, the area is lightly dusted with a reflective material so that multiple images of your tooth's surface can be recorded with a small scanning wand. Later, the scanning wand is connected to the computer and the separate images are combined into a 3D image.

This remarkable tool uses blue wavelength light to precisely capture the unique nooks and crannies of your tooth's surface and make a highly accurate 3D digital model. It makes it possible to instantaneously examine your tooth, and your bite. It's possible to identify any additional prep work required for new crowns, veneers and fillings right then and there; to implement any needed changes; and to re-scan the tooth to create a new series of images and 3D model.

Finally your images are sent on to the lab for fabrication. This technique makes it possible to create a crown or a filling that can often be completed during a single office visit.

How this technology benefits you

  • Say goodbye to the goop, gagging, discomfort, and anxiety you've experienced in the past!
  • It enables the immediate assessment of whether or not your tooth has been properly prepared for restoration.
  • This technology is ideal for fabricating restorations such as new crowns, veneers and fillings for teeth.
  • It takes less time than traditional dental impressions.

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