Partial and Full Crowns


The following dental conditions will generally necessitate restoring a tooth with a partial or full crown when the tooth has become more than decayed. The tooth has been previously restored and has recurrent decay or asymptomatic crack has occurred or a portion of the tooth has broken off or a root canal treatment has been performed on the tooth. A partial or full crown restores the structural integrity of the tooth by replacing the compromised portion.

If you have a tooth that is discolored, malformed, or malpositioned, you may want to choose a cosmetic crown to enhance the appearance of your smile.

At Cooper Moss Advanced Dentistry we utilize a full range of materials and methods for construction of partial and full crowns. The materials and methods we use depend upon the unique functional needs and aesthetic desires of our patients.

Partial, all-ceramic crowns are completed in a single appointment utilizing our in-house CEREC technology. We partner with local licensed dental laboratories to produce full crowns which can be all ceramic, all metal, or a combination of both. Our digital impression techniques allow our patients to avoid traditional putty impressions, obtaining a more accurate result.