Oral Conscious Sedation


Oral conscious sedation refers to a light sedation method that is achieved by taking oral medications in contrast to achieving deeper sedation either intravenously or by injection.

Generally, the level of sedation achieved is enough to significantly reduce anxiety so that even the most fearful patients are able to undergo extensive dental procedures without feeling deep worry or concern. The oral medications cause significant sedation, although they are not as strong as general anesthesia. With oral conscious sedation, patients are conscious and can answer questions or respond to commands. A benefit of these medications is that they create an amnesic effect, so patients are unlikely to remember much about the time period in which they were sedated. As they gradually regain full consciousness, it may seem like very little time has passed.

When patients undergo dental treatment with oral conscious sedation, they cannot drive and need someone else to take them to and from the dental office. If significant dental anxiety has caused you to delay needed dental procedures, please contact our office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Cooper, Dr. Moss, or Dr. Tebay to discuss whether or not oral conscious sedation may be right for you.