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Category Archives: Dental Insight

What You Need to Know About Teeth Brushing

Not a blog on teeth brushing!  What can anyone say about this topic that is not already common knowledge? Use toothpaste, brush regularly, and…
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What’s New in Dentistry – CAD/CAM Technology

Oral care has come a long way.  About 8000 years ago in Babylon people used a “chewing stick” which was no more than…
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Teeth Whitening: How to Make Your Teeth Shine

At Cooper Moss, we know that our patients want their pearly whites to be pearly white.  From television, to magazines, to that guy…
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Dr. Bruce Cooper: How Patients Benefit From Invisalign

Not everyone gives their dentist flowers. One patient of Dr. Bruce Cooper, however, was so grateful for the outcome of her treatment that…
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Implants Change Lives at Cooper Moss Advanced Dentistry

Unless you’re a professional dentist, odds are you can’t tell the difference between a real front tooth and an implant. “They’re extremely natural…
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Sedation Dentistry Provides Popular Alternative for Anxious Patients

In dentistry terms, it was a marathon. In one nine-hour session, Dr. Bruce Cooper prepped 20 teeth for crowns on the same patient.…
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Unclenching Jaws: Cooper Moss Dentistry Gives Options for Teeth Grinders

Dr. Bruce Cooper of Cooper Moss Advanced Dentistry understands people who grind their teeth at night, and not just because he’s a dentist. Like a…
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Worried about Diabetes?

Dr. Bruce Cooper on the Connection between Oral Health and Disease In July 2017, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a shocking report.…
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Cooper Moss Patients Leave Dental Anxiety at the Door

The first time Shauna Bolton went to the dentist after having a lung transplant, it didn’t go well. Her mind began scrolling through…
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